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Canna glauca 'Karin'

Canna glauca Karin

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We are pleased to introduce Canna glauca ‘Karin’, a new Pat McNeal selection of the North American native (Texas, Louisiana, and naturalized in Florida and South Carolina) Canna glauca. Canna ‘Karin’ produces 5’ tall stalks, clothed in 2’ long x 6” wide, glaucous, blue-green leaves, and topped all summer with stalks of narrow-petalled, butterscotch flowers, suffused with cherry red toward the throat. Although Canna glauca is found naturally in wet sites like pond edges, it adapts well to typical, non-desert garden conditions. The starchy rhizomes of Canna glauca have long been used as a food source, although we haven't felt inclined to indulge just yet. For those who love butterflies, Canna glauca is also host to the diurnal Brazilian Skipper.