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Arisaema costatum
J. McClements @ J. McClements Gdn, DE

Arisaema costatum

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Arisaema costatum is a stunning Jack-in-the-pulpit, native to high elevations (6,000'-9,000') in Nepal and neighboring Tibet which makes a stunning plant even in foliage. The 3'+ tall reddish stem of Arisaema costatum is topped with a three part leaf, similar to Arisaema speciosum. In good conditions, the leaf can reach 3' in width. In late spring, the flower stalk emerges to nearly 2' tall with a large, dark purple-and-white striped hood which ends in a thin red-purple tail. Inside the hood, the thin black-purple spadix stands out against the "pulpit windows." Speaking of tails, take a peek in the pulpit window for some cheap thrills.