Amorphophallus declinatus AGA-2169-02

Declining Voodoo Lily

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Item #: 9839

Zones: Tropical

Height: 48" tall

Culture: Part Sun to Light Shade

Origin: Philippines

Pot Size: CPS

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Amorphophallus declinatus is a little-known species, discovered by plant explorer Mary Sizemore in Palawan, Philippines. In form, Amorphophallus declinatus resembles Amorphophallus konjac. The 4' tall rough-feeling stalks are dark, but highlighted with large silvery blotches. The inflorescences are quite spectacular with a large pitcher (spathe) that is mottled grey, while the top of the spathe is a nice purple-red, complementing the long purple spadix. The front of the spathe drapes (i.e., declinatus = declines) around the spadix in a less than effective attempt at modesty.