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Ferns and Allies

Ferns and Allies

Outdoor ferns are perfect for the shady woodland garden and we have the largest hardy ferns collection in the world. We offer many exotic varieties (sun ferns, rare ferns) and the best North American native ferns, most grown from our own nursery- and garden-collected spores.

More Information About Ferns and Allies

Plant Delights Nursery has a large selection of deer resistant ferns native from North America to Asia. In fact, we currently have the most diverse collection of outdoor ferns in the world (1,000 taxa) and because we grow most of our own ferns from spores here at the nursery, we also have one of the largest offerings of hardy fern plants for sale in the world. So large in fact, that fern taxonomists at Duke University chose Plant Delights to collect and DNA barcode them all.

Ferns and other non-flowering vascular plants (fern allies) are mostly shade loving perennials that look great the woodlands garden. Ferns for shade are perfect companions to hostas, and most hardy fern plants and fern allies are deer-resistant and thrive with consistent moisture.

But just because the plant is a fern does not automatically make it a shade plant. Some fern plants grow in full sun and are known as "dryland or sun ferns." We have several genera of dryland sun ferns including Astrolepis, Cheilanthes, Notholaena, and Pellaea.

We also carry exotic deciduous and evergreen ferns from our overseas plant hunting expeditions as well as the best native ferns...all nursery propagated. If deer are a problem, add ferns to your garden as they are great deer-resistant perennials. The wonderful architecture and muted colors of ferns make them great groundcovers as well as excellent companion plants for other native shade plants like polygonatum, heuchera and carex. And the evergreen ferns look great all year round.

When you are ready to buy deciduous or evergreen ferns for your woodlands garden, check out our list of fern plants for sale.

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