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Sun Perennials

Sun Perennials (Plant sun loving flowers in your garden today)

The best perennials for full sun are here at Plant Delights Nursery. Hundreds of sun loving perennials to choose from!

More Information About Sun Perennials

Try sun perennial plants if photons abound in your garden!

If you are looking to plant sun loving flowers in your garden, then you have found the right place. The best full sun perennial flowers here at Plant Delights are those that can take day after day of bright summer sun without fading or burning. The best full sun plants include desert plants like Agave, Delosperma, Dasylirion, Opuntia and Puya.

There are also plenty of sun loving perennials from prairies and grasslands that don't mind catching some rays either. The best sun loving plants in this category include Echinacea, Coreopsis, Phlox, Agastache and Baptisia. Similar plants come from the sandy plains regions of the east coast and include flowering perennials such as Spigelia, Conradina and Pycnothymus.

There are plenty of sun-loving ornamental grasses too. Some of the best full sun perennial grasses include Miscanthus, Panicum and Pennisetum.

Of course, perennials that hail from equatorial latitudes also take full sun with ease. The best examples of these flowering perennial flowers for sun include Cypella, Moraea, Eucomis, Scadoxus and Aloe.

There are even a few oddball perennials for sun that seem like they should be shade plants instead. The best example of this are the sun ferns which include Cheilanthes and Pellaea.

When you are ready to buy partial or full sun flowers for your garden, check out our selection here at Plant Delights Nursery.