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Shade Perennials

Shade Perennials

If you garden in the dappled light of woodland gardens, or on the north or east side of a building then you need shade loving perennial flowering plants for your garden. Check out our list of the best perennials for shade. You'll find plenty of flowers that grow in shade here at PDN!

More Information About Shade Perennials

We have hundreds of the best flowering perennials for shade! If you garden in the partial sun of a dappled woodland garden, or on the north or east side of a building then you need shade loving perennials for your garden. We have a huge selection of shade tolerant flowers and we have sifted through our massive catalog of plants to create this mini-catalog of the best shade loving flowers for your garden.

In shaded gardens, light colored flowers on stand out really well. We recommend white-flowered shade perennials like Trillium, Hosta and Helleborus and pale colored shade loving flowers like yellow Epimedium and pink flowers like Begonia and Cypripedium.

Light colored leaves also work well as shade garden plants, especially when they can stand out against surrounding dark green foliage. We recommend woodland shade perennials with colorful silver foliage like Zingiber, Trillium, Brunnera, Cyclamen, Carex, and Pulmonaria or shade tolerant plants with yellow foliage like Hosta, Farfugium, Liriope, Carex and Vinca.

When gardening with plants for shade, don't forget about texture either. Shade tolerant ferns like Onychium and Athyrium offer a very fine texture to balance with the coarse texture of shade tolerant perennials like Hosta and Helleborus. 

You can also narrow down your list of shade tolerant plants by special water needs: Shop for Dry Shade, or Wet Shade flowering plants here.

To learn more about the best plants for shade check out our article entitled 'Gardening in the Shade' that describes many cool shade plants and perennial flowers and also take a peek at our short articles: Create a Woodland Garden with Flowers for Shade, and Full shade flowers.

Also, check out our many shady blog posts about shade gardening.