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Flowers in the genus silene typically range from pink-to-red, including several white-flowered species. They all attract butterflies and the red-flowered silene are also hummingbird favorites.

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More Information About Silene

Silene is a widespread genus of perennials native from Africa to America and from Mediterranean Europe to Asia. Being in the family Caryophyllaceae makes Silene a first cousin to other popular garden plants such as lychnis and dianthus.

Silene flowers typically range from pink-to-red, including several white-flowered species. While they all attract butterflies the red-flowered species are also hummingbird favorites. Silene is generally a small plant, but there are large-ish exceptions.

Many catchfly plants are edge-of-the-woods plants suitable for an open garden spot or in a rock long as the soil is well-drained. Despite its dislike of wet feet when dormant, Silene will flower best if kept evenly watered during its growing season. 

Silene Trivia : The genus Silene is also known as Catchfly because the somewhat sticky leaves tend to trap insects. Silene is not a true carnivorous plant, but may be on the evolutionary path to someday becoming carnivorous like the sticky-leaved Sundew. To learn more, read our article about carnivorous plants.