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More Information About Pardancanda

xPardancanda norrisii is a cross between plants in two different genera, Belamcanda chinensis (blackberry lily) and Pardanthopsis dichotoma (vesper iris). The original cross was made in 1967 by an amateur gardener named Samuel Norris.

From its belamcanda parent, xPardancanda inherited heat tolerance and from its pardanthopsis parent, it inherited large flower size and a wide variety of bright flower colors. There are even some xPardancanda selections with bi-color flowers. Each xPardancanda flower only lasts a day, but xPardancanda produces many flowers during its summer bloom season so there is a long progression of color.

xPardancanda prefers full sun, plenty of compost and typical garden soil. Propagation of xPardancanda can be done via seed collection in late summer or via division of the rhizome in spring. Try combining xPardancanda with its parent, belamcanda, or any of the sun-loving irises to create a colorful bed of flowers. When you are ready to buy xPardancanda for your garden, check out our online offering of xPardancanda for sale.