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More Information About Massonia

Massonia is a small genus (8 species) of South African bulbs closely related to hyacinth. Like many South African plants, Massonia survives the hot dry summers by going dormant and avoiding the heat. It then revives in fall and flowers in winter.

Massonia plants produce two rounded, hosta-like leaves and are topped with a sea urchin-like fragrant flower head. Massonia is very short...its leaves hug the ground and the petal-less flowers are no more than a few inches tall. In the garden, Massonia should be planted in a rock garden with no tall plants nearby. Massonia flowers have a honey-like scent and produce a sweet, jelly-like nectar to attract their preferred pollinators, gerbils and other small rodents.

Massonia must be kept as dry as possible while it is dormant. That means that it should be planted in well-drained soil and not be irrigated. When it is actively growing, Massonia needs full sun and just a little bit of compost fertilizer. When you are ready to add massonia to your garden, check out our offering of massonia for sale.