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Leptodermis (Dwarf Lilac)

Leptodermis is a genus of over 55 species of lilac/gardenia relatives from the Himalayas, China, and Japan, of which just one species (L. oblonga) is found in US gardens...albeit rarely. Read More about Leptodermis

More Information About Leptodermis

Leptodermis oblonga is one of those plants that has a ton of great garden traits, but is not used as much as it should be. Leptodermis is a deciduous 2' tall, mounding, dwarf shrub with fragrant lilac purple flowers in the late summer...think of it as a deciduous daphne or dwarf lilac (which are its Rubiaceae relatives). The plants need no pruning (but can be shaped if desired) and are easy to grow. What else could you ask for in a garden plant? Well how about deer-resistance too.

Leptodermis is a late riser and may not break its winter dormancy until June, so it is not a good choice for a foundation planting, but it is a great choice for a mass planting, rock garden, border specimen, edging plant or container plant. The lilac-like fragrance is faint, so grouping several plants together will heighten the olfactory impact of Leptodermis. Leptodermis leaves are fragrant too when bruised, but it is not a pleasant odor.