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More Information About Dyckia

We love finding cold-hardy members of otherwise tropical genera or families and bringing them to you. Dyckia is a genus of relatively cold-hardy bromeliads native to South America. There are roughly 120 species of dyckia all of which grow in tropical latitudes, with a few growing at high altitudes. These few montane dyckia are perfect candidates to try in warm temperate climates.

Like most bromeliads, dyckia is tough and drought-tolerant. In its native habitat, dyckia grows in sunny areas on top of rocks. When deprived of water, dyckia plants go dormant and eventually wilt, but rebound quickly with no damage when watering is resumed. In the spring, dyckia plants produce small red to yellow flowers that attract butterflies. As with most tropical plants, the key to dyckia winter survival is to keeping roots dry by planting on sloped, well-drained beds above grade. When you are ready to buy dyckia for your perennial garden or containers, we hope you'll check out our online list of dyckia for sale.