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More Information About Datisca

The genus Datisca consists of only two species, Datisca cannabina and Datisca glomerata, from western Asia and western US/Mexico respectively. Although the name datisca can be traced the Greek botanist Dioscoridis, the actual meaning of the word is lost to history. The common name, bastard hemp, comes from the similarity of Datisca cannabina leaves to real hemp, but bastard hemp is not grown as a fiber crop, nor is it smoked.

Datisca is a shrub grown for its ornamental leaves and yellow summer flowers. In the wild, Datisca grows in riparian habitats, so in the garden it needs water at regular intervals as it will not tolerate drought. Datisca prefers full sun, too. In the fall, the plants can be pruned severely and during winter, an extra cover of mulch over the roots will help with their hardiness. When you are ready to buy datisca for your garden, check out our list of datisca for sale.