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More Information About Bulbine

The genus Bulbine contains about 76 species of succulent plants native to southern Africa and Australia. Bulbine is in the family Asphodelaceae which makes it a botanical cousin to the better known genera Aloe, and Kniphofia. Bulbine grows as a clump of narrow, succulent leaves and some species produce a caudex or a tuber.

Bulbine produces 10-12 flower stalks, each with clusters of small, fragrant, yellow (or sometimes pink or orange) flowers. The stalks elongate continually throughout the growing season and produce new flowers at the tip. Deadheading will encourage more blooming.

One tropical species (Bulbine natalensis) is being studied for its ability to boost testosterone production in animals. A more commonly grown species, ( Bulbine frutescens) is used like Aloe vera...the sap soothes burns and rashes.

Bulbine prefers full sun or part-sun, and well-drained soil. It is tolerant of poor soils and marine environments too. Although drought tolerant, Bulbine appreciates some supplemental water but cannot tolerate wet feet. They are also perfect rock garden plants.