Add Whimsy to Your Garden with Butterfly Bushes

Add Whimsy to Your Garden with Butterfly Bushes

By Published September 14, 2017 Updated June 14, 2022

If you always dreamed about adding a little bit of whimsy to your garden with butterfly bushes, maybe the time is now. It is always exciting to see the arrival of butterflies every spring, and people ranging from small children to the elderly take special joy when they go strolling past a beautifully flowering and fragrant butterfly bush that is just fluttering with colorful butterflies. In fact, many gardeners create their gardens specifically to attract butterflies. 

The butterfly bush, buddleja, is a great choice for a garden in direct sun for a good portion of the day. Although they can handle part sun conditions, full sun will result in more flowers that attract butterflies. Since this bush is a woody shrub that in some varieties can grow quite large, it makes a good companion for a wide variety of low growing perennial flowers such as creeping phlox, coneflowers and other short perennials placed in front of or around your butterfly bush. 

In addition to our butterfly bushes, we have plenty other perennial flowers and plants that will help you turn your gardening vision into a reality. Because of the low maintenance level of the butterfly bush, it has become quite popular and adds a beautiful addition to the exterior of your home. Call us today or visit us on the web to ask us about our other suggestions for other butterfly bush companion plants and tips to make your garden bloom longer and brighter.

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