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Mangave (Agave X Manfreda) Hybrids

At Juniper Level Botanic Garden, part of our mission is to educate and share both plants and information. This photo/informational gallery is devoted to cataloging as many non-variegated century plant cultivars as possible, and credit those who discovered/developed, and introduced them. It is our hope that this can also prevent duplicate use of names and prevent confusion in the trade. In some cases, the originator may have plants for sell or trade. 

Nomenclature is always a misunderstood aspect of plant collecting, so we'd like to share a few applicable rules from the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants

1- A cultivar name (always in single quotes) can only be used once per genus. 

2- Latinized cultivar names have been prohibited since 1959.  These include 'Compacta', Gigantea', 'Rotundifolia', etc.  This rule was instituted when it was recognized that there could be dozens of unique compact forms of a single species.

3- Of those Latinized names used prior to 1959, there can still only be one per genus...the first one officially published. Since this is almost impossible to track down with certainly, it is best that all such Latinized names be abandoned.

4-Cultivar names should be nouns in a modern language.  'Big Teeth', 'Crested', 'Ruffled' and not nouns and cannot be used alone as a cultivar name.

Special thanks:

Hans Hansen of Walters Gardens, who is the leading breeder of mangaves, and the first to reproduce them via tissue culture...a breakthrough that has allowed more gardeners to share in these amazing bi-generic hybrids.


All others around the world who have supplied images so that we can all learn.

Information, corrections, and new images are always welcome and can be sent via email to tony@plantdelights.com  

Please remember that all images are Copyright property of the photographer and  cannot be used for commercial purposed without the permission of the copyright owner. We truly hope you enjoy browsing through the variegated agave plant photo gallery.