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Lycoris (Surprise Lily, Hurricane Lily, Spider Lily) have long been a geophyte of interest, and since our climate is perfect for their growth, we are attempting to assemble a complete lycoris collection, and sort out some of the taxonomic misinformation, as well as to make many unavailable clones available to more gardeners. It is our feeling that many lycoris species names are simply synonyms, while other lycoris “species” are simply old clonally propagated hybrids. We have assigned Plant Delights (PDN) numbers to designate and monitor individual lycoris clones that we’ve selected or received from other lycoris breeders. We will continue to post images as our lycoris collection expands. If you have any selections or lycoris species that we may not grow, we would be very interested to exchange plants. As fast as we can get these lycoris propagated, we will be offering them for sale through our on-line mail order catalog, Plant Delights Nursery.