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Crinum Lilies

This photo album contains mostly images of crinums that we grow at Plant Delights, except those designated as taken by others. When we began our research on crinum cold hardiness, we were uncertain how many crinum lilies would tolerate our Zone 7b climate, whose winter lows can reach 0 degrees F. We have been pleasantly surprised with our results, and we now know that many crinum species, despite their warm climate African origins, can even tolerate winters as far north as Zone 5b. Our trialing continues, as we hope to eventually trial all of the crinum species. Special thanks to Dr. David Lehmiller of Texas, whose dedication to the genus crinum has made it possible to acquire species that would have otherwise been impossible. A special thanks to Andy Cabe, Dave Lehmiller, Herb Kelly, Jay Yourch, and others for sharing images for our crinum photo gallery. For those wishing to learn more, there are two excellent groups with a similar focus: Indigenous Bulb Association of South Africa, Pacific Bulb Society