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Spring Flowering Plants

For perennials, spring is the season of revival, rejuvenation and renewal when gardens sprout and quickly reach their peak beauty. Springtime marks the start of the annual growing and flowering cycle for most plants and this results in an eruption of color in the perennial landscape.

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  1. Guaranteed healthy, correctly labeled plants.
  2. All perennials personally-selected by Tony.
  3. Large, diverse selection of perennial plants online.
  4. All garden plants trialed in our test gardens.
  5. Rare, unusual, and North American native plants.
  6. Expert horticultural staff.
  7. Most plants propagated on-site, ensuring quality.

Tony's Favorites

Tony has seen a lot of perennials in his day. Here we share some of his absolute favorite perennial plants.

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What is a perennial?

Definition of Perennial: What are perennials? There are two ways to define the term perennial, a botanists definition and a gardeners definition. A botanist defines a perennial as a plant whose life cycle is more than two years. Plants can be classified as either annual, biennial, or perennial. Annuals complete their life cycle in a single year and then die of old age. Biennials take 2 years to complete their life cycle. Perennials take more than two years to complete their life cycle. For a gardener, the term perennial also takes into account the weather tolerance of a plant and means, a plant that survives the winter in my garden and comes back every year. For a gardener in Minnesota, a calla lily is an annual because it cannot tolerate the cold Minnesota winters, but in southern Florida, a calla lily is a perennial because it will live for many years. Perennials can be further divided into woody perennials like a tree or shrub and herbaceous perennials (not-woody) like peony or trillum. Plant Delights Nursery specializes in herbaceous perennials but we sell a few woody perennials too. We focus on perennials that are winter hardy in the southern US (zone 6 and warmer) but we grow many perennials that are cold tolerant in zones 3, 4, or 5.

A little about our garden nursery:

Plant Delights Nursery is an award winning online nursery in Raleigh, NC near Garner. We specialize in rare, and unusual perennials for sale and we strive to carry a wide selection of both exotic plants, native plants, and the best selection of new plants online. At any time, this website has over 1700 online nursery plants for sale. Many of our nursery's plants are available nowhere else in the US as they represent rare plants collected by Plant Delights founder Tony Avent during his more than 60 plant hunting expeditions to places like China, Crete, Taiwan, South Africa and Argentina or distributed by some of the many specialty plant organizations of which Plant Delights is a member. If you are looking for where to buy plants online, our wide selection of interesting garden plants makes us the best place to buy plants online.

We grow all our perennial plants at our Raleigh, NC garden nursery and our perennial plants for sale are available through this website and via our printed plant catalog. We ship mail order plants everywhere in the U.S. and all over the world...or you can simply order plants online and drive over to pick them up. Plant Delights Nursery specializes in growing and selling perennial garden plants. We have a wide selection of flowering perennials in all colors, foliage plants, ferns, ornamental grasses and native plants.

We periodically open up our beautiful garden nursery near Raleigh and Garner to the public for retail sales events, classes, photography workshops, and guided tours. We host private groups like schools, plant societies, garden clubs, etc. by appointment. Proceeds from Plant Delights Nursery support the Juniper Level Botanic Gardens, a six acre garden with extensive research programs that grows over 18,000 different plants.

In business since 1988, Plant Delights Nursery was named one of the Top 7 online plant nurseries in the U.S. by Garden Design Magazine in their December 2010 issue. In addition to being a plant explorer and businessman, Tony Avent is a renowned plantsman, a successful author and a popular garden speaker who tours nationally. Among the plant catalog companies, Plant Delights Nursery is known for its printed plant catalogs which feature humorous and topical cover art as well as irreverent, witty and sometimes edgy prose. Plant Delights Nursery and Tony Avent are frequently profiled on television (including The Martha Stewart Show and Almanac Gardener), in magazines (including Southern Living, Horticulture, and Fine Gardening) and in newspapers (including the New York Times, Houston Chronicle, Chicago Tribune, and News & Observer).

So if you are looking online for where to buy the most interesting and best nursery plants online, you have come to the right place to look for perennial plants for sale. Welcome to Plant Delights Nursery!