Plant Delights Nursery Catalog Request

To receive a printed copy of our latest Sales Catalog and Plant Owner's Manual, fill out and submit the form below. Due to page limitations, our print catalog contains only a small sample of these 1700+ plants available online, Spring print catalog (~650 plants) or Fall print catalog (~110 plants). Due to the cost of printing and mailing catalogs, new catalogs will only be mailed to active (ordered in the last two years) customers, and those who have requested one here. We are also unable to fulfill catalog requests from outside the United States in the absence of an order. However, when an order is placed a catalog will be included.

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery of requested catalogs. If you enjoy the catalog, then feel free to send us either 10 stamps or 1 box of chocolates...we prefer the chocolates!

**Garden communicators/Garden media - Please email us and we will add you to a special non-deleting printed catalog list.

We also have the print catalog on-line here.

Where would you like your catalog delivered? *required

What's in the Plant Delights Nursery catalog?

  • Detailed reference quality plant descriptions
  • Color pictures of 600+ perennial plants in the Spring catalog and 110+ in the Fall Catalog
  • Plant hardiness map and details
  • Order form and purchasing instructions
  • Cover Artwork by award-winning cartoonist, Jack Pittman

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