Abromietela sp 18392
Adiantum lorentzii Thelypteris sp 18402
Agalinus sp 18449
Anemia tomentosa Notholaena sulfurea in rock cracks 18478
Animals carved from trees 18550
Arajia sericofera 18532
Artesians stop 18549
Begonia boliviensis on road from Salta to Cachi 18442
Begonia sp 18393
Begonia sp 18502
Bob cutting watermelon at Aconagua base camp 18741
Bob McCartney SC 18437
Bocconia ioneura 5700ft elev 18511
Bomarea sp in flower 18399
Buenos Aires Botanical Garden 18384
Buenos Aires high rise 18383
Cacti and Bromeliads on cliff 18515
Cacti Selaginella selovii 18401
Cacti with Doryopteris sp ferns 18521
Campylorneuron agolepis on tree branch 18506
Carl and Alfredo discuss plans 18529
Carl inspecting very dry hill N of San Juan 18547
Carl Schoenfeld TX 18436
Cassia aphylla 18482
Cassia aphylla in flower 18544
Cereus validus 18433
Cereus validus in flower 18434
Cheilanthes pruniata 18480
Chris and Sean digging on hillside 18495
Chris Pellett OR 18555
Chusquea lorentzii 18509
City parks in Mendoza 18557
Clouds rolling into Argentine from Chile 18450
Collecting trucks along road 18431
Container plants in a garden center at Tucamon 18518
Cortaderia selloana 18411
Cortaderia selloana huge pink plume population 18533
Cortaderia selloana nice upright white form 18466
Cortaderia selloana Sporobolus maxima 18464
Cortaderia selloana w dark brown flwr 18537
Cosmos pseudanifolius 18447
Dead man s curve 18412
Dr Alfredo Grau 18513
Dr Ricardo Grau 18396
Dr Ricardo Grau 18493
Dry river bed lunch stop 18398
Equisetum giganteum 18443
Evolvulus sp 18422
Fern assortment 18507
Fire Ant Mound 18494
Florencia Borgonovo 18520
Fog rolling in 18539
Fog rolling in N of La Riojo 18535
Fruit stand at Salta 18389
Gloxinia gymnostoma 18390
Goats looking from top of hillside 18499
Gorgonidium growing under boulder 18496
Gorgonidium vermicidium cut leaf 18403
Gorgonidium vermicidium leaf 18394
Gorgonidium vermicidium seed pod 18395
Group collecting in ravine Salta Argentina 18424
Group eating lunch outside Salta 18435
Gymnocalycium and Adiantum lorentzii 18491
Gymnocalycium sp 18423
Gymnocalycium sp crested 18485
Hieronymiella aurea in flower 18457
Hieronymiella titanensis in flower 18454
High Desert at Parke de Cardones 10 000ft elev 18455
Hill of spiny plants acacia prosopis S of Cafayette 18481
Hills west of Mendoza heading to Chile 18561
Hotel at Cachi 18459
Hyalis argentea 18567
Juncus sp S of Cafayette 18488
Landslide North of Tucuman 18508
Linda and Carl eating lunch on the run 18487
Linda Guy SC 18429
Lupinus sp 18446
Mt Aconagua 24000ft 18568
Mutisia sp 18560
nice light fixtures 18527
Notholaena aurea 18497
Notholaena sp 18473
Opuntia sp w dark spines 18566
Oxalis sp Pellaea wrightiana Polypodium tweedianum 18400
Packing Plants at Cachi Hotel 18458
Parker Sanderson OR 18425
Parodia sp 18417
Podocarpus nagi 18386
Podocarpus nagi 18386 001
Portulaca in flower 18483
Puya yakaspala from distance 9000ft elev 18469
Puya yakaspala in bud at Lake Brealito 18474
Puya yakaspala in flower 18475
Rannunculaceae sp 18451
Road along back to Salta 18440
Roadside memorial 18467
Roses at garden center in Tucamon 18519
Salta dry river bed Salta Argentina 18388
Schinus gracillipes 18406
Scott Ogden at pass into Parke de Cardones 12000ft elev 18452
Scott Ogden TX 18484
Scott Parker and Linda collecting on a hillside 18563
Sculpture at Buenos Aires Botanical Garden 18387
Sean Hogan OR 18428
Sean in lobby of Tucamon 18514
Sean over cliff at El Fermielo 18489
Sean over cliff at El Fermielo 18490
Sean with rat control 18526
Selaginella w ferns 18525
Sisyrinchium sp 18505
Sporobolus maxima 18465
steep cliff to climb 4600ft elev 18546
Steep rock cliff N of Tucaman 18516
Sunset over Argentina 18553
Switchback road up to ski resort 18564
Synandrospadix vermatoxicus in seed 18421
Synandrospadix vermitoxicus 18420
Tecoma aff garroche 18407
Tillandsia sp on Trichocereus 18409
Tree in flower maybe Chorisia 18439
Trichocereus pasacana 18414
Trichocereus pasacana 18415
Trichocereus pasacana 18470
Trichocereus terscheckii 18405
Trismaria trifoliata 18444
Trithrinax campestris N of La Riojo 18542
Tropeollum polyphylla at Aconaugua 18569
Truck stop for lunch S of La Riojo 18528
Verbena peruviana 18501
Very smashed truck 18558
View from Cachi Hotel 18460
View from steep hill S of Tafi de Valle 8500ft elev 18500
Wade climbing for plant w Sean Scott 18534
Wade Roitsch TX 18438
Wet valley in middle of desert 2700ft elev 18524

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