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Musa xishuangbannaensis 'Mekong Giant' PPAF (Mekong Giant Hardy Banana)

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Zone: 7a to 10b,possibly colder

Height: 180" tall

Culture: Sun to Part Sun

Origin: China

Pot Size: 2 qt. (1.9 L)

(aka: Musa itinerans var. xishuangbannaensis) Musa xishuangbannaensis is a newly discovered species of cold-hardy giant banana from Yunnan, China. Musa 'Mekong Giant' is a seedling selection made by our friend Brian Williams, of Louisville, Kentucky, for its bright reddish-purple trunk in addition to its outstanding winter hardiness in Louisville's Zone 6 climate for over nine years. Imagine a Musa basjoo on steroids and you get the idea, although Musa 'Mekong Giant' spreads from long rhizomes. In temperate climates, expect a 15' tall specimen, but in climates with warmer winters it can reportedly reach 40'. I predict lots of folks will be goin' bananas over this one!

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